The Argento YEAR ROUND Comforter - 750 FP Hungarian Goose Down
The Argento YEAR ROUND Comforter - 750 FP Hungarian Goose Down

The Argento YEAR ROUND Comforter - 750 FP Hungarian Goose Down

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Discover the sensuous comfort of The Argento, our most popular duvet.  People love the 1" baffle construction, which keeps the down contained and lofted in 10" x 10" boxes and designed for YEAR ROUND comfort

Each chamber is filled to overflowing with the highest quality 750 Fill Power White Large-Cluster Hungarian Goose Down for optimal lightness.

The All Natural, white outer shell is light and generously sized to cover the sides of your mattress.  The fabric is a tightly woven 330 threadcount long-staple Egyptian cotton for maximum breathability. The double sewing around the perimeter, and fabric, insure a leak-proof duvet that will provide enjoyment for well over a decade.

Our down is The Best!  

Enjoy the gratifying pleasure and glorious warmth during the coldest winter days. Feel secure and protected in an emergency.  

The Argento is 100% GREEN and requires no electricity.  Our goose down meets the highest standards, and is independently tested to be free of feather, dust and allergens. All of our products are responsibly crafted.

Float like a butterfly and sleep like a log.

The warmth level of the Argento is favored by most people.   If you prefer a warmer comforter then check-out The Crescendo. For something lighter go to The TransSeasonal, our Summerweight.

Handsome, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, some designers use it alone to create a minimalist look. If used without a duvet cover, we recommend that you Scotchgaurd your duvet.

Lifetime guarantee. Hypoallergenic. Feel secure with the highest purity.  Requires occasional fluffing.  We recommend using a duvet cover with your duvet for longevity and extended enjoyment of this heirloom treasure.