Champagne Dreams YEAR ROUND Siberian Duvet.  850+Fill Power Goosedown
Champagne Dreams YEAR ROUND Siberian Duvet.  850+Fill Power Goosedown
Champagne Dreams YEAR ROUND Siberian Duvet.  850+Fill Power Goosedown

Champagne Dreams YEAR ROUND Siberian Duvet. 850+Fill Power Goosedown

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Champagne Dreams Siberian Goosedown Duvet is designed for Year-Round comfort.

This is a duvet for sophisticated shoppers who appreciate distinctive down treasures. Representing the pinnacle of opulence, it is brimming with the purist White Large-Cluster 850+ Fill Power Siberian Goosedown -The Finest, the epitope of couture. 

Every aspect of its creation is made with intention to exceed expectations.

The design features a 1' Baffle-Box construction with 10"x10" boxes, lavishly filled to accomodate the warmth and comfort level preferred by most sleepers.

Champagne Dreams elevates the sleep experience to a higher level with the finest Siberian Goosedown  - similar to the Argento, our most popular Hungarian Goosedown duvet. It uses the same number of ounces and construction design but a luxurious Lyocell damask ticking.

Just as with nicer apparel, we design our duvets with a generous cut for a proper fit, which drapes gracefully over the sides of the bed. The double sewing and piping around the perimeter and tightly woven fabric, insures a leak-proof duvet that will provide enjoyment for at least two decades. This is a family heirloom.

The shell is composed from a light and luxurious Lyocell, made into a champagne colored damask.  Lyocell is a high-performance fabric  created from sustainable fiber derived from beech trees. It has a lower carbon footprint than cotton and environmentally friendly.  It is also 50% more absorbent for more efficient wicking away perspiration for enhanced breathability; and is resistant to bacteria growth.

Our Siberian Goosedown comes from mature geese. Mature geese, produce the largest, most resilient clusters. This down represents the upper tier of quality and the lowest feather ratio (less than 0.3% by weight.)

You will adore The Gossamer YEAR ROUND Siberian Goosedown Duvet! 

Released from it's packaging. it billows like a giant expanding cloud upon your bed. So Fluffy! Touch it. Feel it. It must be experienced to be fully understood.

Enjoy enhanced sleep that is simply Palatial.

Imagine being high up in the mountains at an elegant Villa. You are snug in bed, protected and surrounded by sensuous warmth, while the Winter winds blow.

Expect decades of enjoyment with our superior sewing and construction which is designed to keep the down in place for easy maintenance. All that is needed is occasional fluffing.

Like all our comforters, The Gossamer is 100% GREEN and All Natural.

It requires no electricity. Stay toasty and protected in your nest. The internal heat that your body generates is trapped in the air pockets formed in the complex microstructure of the down - providing the ultimate warmth and insulation from the elements. 

We recommend the use of a duvet cover for the greatest longevity.

Our down has been independently tested and certified by the International Fabric Institute to be free of feather, dust and allergens. Hypoallergenic.. All of our products are responsibly crafted, ethically sourced and cruelty-free.        Guaranteed leak-proof. Made in Hungary.