The Trans Seasonal LIGHTWEIGHT 750 FP Hungarian Down

The Trans Seasonal LIGHTWEIGHT 750 FP Hungarian Down

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People who get overheated at night, sleep hot or are looking for a lighter, thinner comforter will appreciate the cool comfort of The Trans Seasonal.

The Trans Seasonal has a streamlined look and features a sewn-through construction for greater breathability.  Smaller 8"squares, keep the down evenly distributed,  Smaller boxes are the appropriate design choice when using fewer ounces of down, to insure the boxes are properly filled and distributed.

The Trans Seasonal has 35% fewer ounces than The Argento (year-round).  We use the same 750 Fill Power White Large-Cluster Hungarian Goose Down for optimal lightness. Large-Cluster Goosedown is from mature geese who are allowed to develop fully.

The white, all natural outer shell is generously sized to cover the sides of your mattress. 

The fabric is a 330 threadcount long-staple Egyptian cotton for maximum breathability.  The double sewing around the perimeter and tightly woven fabric, insure a leak-proof duvet that will provide enjoyment for well over a decade.

Our down is The Best!  

Experience the amazing pleasure that this lush, modern comforter delivers.

It's practical, beautiful and virtually maintenance free.

The Trans Seasonal is 100% GREEN, is all natural and requires no electricity.  Our goose down meets the highest standards, independently tested to be free of feather, dust and allergens. All of our products are responsibly crafted.

Handsome, elegant and aesthetically pleasing, some designers use it alone to create a minimalist look. The sewn-through construction creates a streamlined t look h that combines well great with Mid-Century decor.

Women tend to shiver, and prefer the Argento. Most men like the Tran-Seasonal but we have women who are fans too.

Float like a butterfly, sleep cool and comfortable year-round. Heirloom quality.

If you are looking for a summe- weight duvet, The Trans Seasonal is perfect to protect you from cooler Summer breezes. Awake relaxed and refreshed.

Lifetime guarantee.  Guaranteed Hypoallergenic.  Feel secure with the highest quality.  Maintenance free; only requiring occasional fluffing.  We recommend using a duvet cover with your duvet for longevity.