Welcome to Arrelle Fine Linens' new online shop.

Here, we will unveil our High Thread count Sheeting, Goosedown Comforters and will finally make available Arrelle's most requested products, - The ones you used to discover and enjoy at our chic River North boutique on Wells Street in downtown Chicago.

This ecommerce site was created to allow you to explore our beautiful textile treasures and shop in the comfort and privacy of your home. Discover Arrelle's long-time Customer Favorites, such as our 

Exclusive Large-Cluster Hungarian Goosedown Comforters & Pillows

also Sheeting, Duvet Covers & European Couture for The Home

We were known for carrying All Natural Fiber products. Comforters represent #greenenergy and #sustainable energy.

A Goose Down Comforter is not only luxurious but,

>  P R A C T I C A L   A quality down comforter is an investment that will last a decade or more.

It's Mother Nature and your internal heat engine that creates the insulative warmth provided by a comforter. The best down is found in the coldest climates. The very lightest grades of down are used to keep mountain climbers warm in the wild under extreme cold.

A comforter is like a home appliance that doesn't need a plug or electricity.

The best down is composed of  WHITE Large-Cluster Goose down mixtures. Large-Cluster down is produced by geese allowed to live to maturity.  The down particle structure is more complex and develops fully.

Since closing our showroom in 2010, we have continued to serve our customers with Arrelle's In-Home Design Service: Call (312) 914-7815

We are happy to assist and solve your most pressing Home Décor challenges.  Feel free to pose questions on our Facebook Group (or Page @FineLinens)


WE ARE HERE TO SERVE.  Please text before calling, if possible.    (312) 914-7815


It all started with my mother-in-law, Beverly Rosenberg, and her cozy Northwest-styled comforter shop which she opened in 1980. I still can picture the large navy blue awning with white lettering and a silhouette of a goose on it - a familiar image amid the early River North landscape, on Wells Street.

Designers knew where to find great quality down and feather products, fluffy duvets, featherbeds and duvet covers. Her shop was the first Scandia Down comforter shop outside of Seattle, and the Chicago location was initially the flagship store for the entire chain.

In 1988 my husband, Robert, and I rebranded and relocated  the business to 445 North Wells Street.  (Hint: He was the "R" and I was the "L," and "elle" means woman in French.) 

Arrelle Fine Linens -  Chicago's premier showroom & Ultimate Source for European Textiles for The Bed, Bath, Table - and Home

A MUST-SEE destination for designers & celebrities

We were all about exquisite High Thread Count Egyptian Cotton European woven Sateen and Damask fabrics.  We decided to focus on that, along with the large, colorful fashion-forward printed sateen duvet covers unique to Switzerland. The Swiss also had a wide palette of sheeting colors, which was extremely unusual at the time (and still hard to find) These high-performance cotton sateen fabrics are woven on wide looms, producing fabrics 94" to 120" wide.

Wide goods are specifically suitable for bedlinens, and wide goods woven into high threadcount Egyptian cotton were, at the time, only available in Europe, .  Our belief was that bedlinens should not have seams, which can weaken due to wear and tear, hence our niche.

This was something that distinguished our Design Service from the rest,  We were, in fact, an exclusive supplier of  European wide goods and a resource for designer textiles used to create upholstered furniture and draperies.

Growing up Italian, I was raised with an artisan influence along with an appreciation for embroidery, art, fine lace, jewelry. fabrics and the Bridal Trousseau.

The Bridal Trousseau. - an European Old World custom, for which a young girl collects linens, textiles, china and treasures for her future home, in anticipation of her marriage. A concept that is very traditional, and largely unknown in the United States.

For me, Arrelle was about The Fine Art of Fine Linens and Material Science, creating comforting environments for sleep and the home. Fabrics which soften hard edges.

Textiles are versatile and portable!

I am proud and excited to reintroduce our lovely comforters and a small selection of fine European linens. Most of our offerings here are WHITE or IVORY, to keep things simple.

These are the same products that were most popular among our customers.


Our shop, Arrelle Fine Linens, was my passion.  I've missed having a physical location and so I've created this ecommerce shop as a service. And if you want that in-person interaction, I am happy to come to you or you may meet me at my Northbrook office where I live.

 We start again. We will EVOLVE.

Thank you for your support as we begin again. 

I intend to demonstrate my appreciation and thanks in the form of deep discounts as my own KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN to get my plan off the ground.

The Phoenix Rises.Supply chain issues are not uncommon these days, so don't wait for the last minute to order, to ensure the timely arrival of your completed order before the holidays. I will move Heaven and Earth to make sure that this happens. Thank you in advance for your patience, if there are delays.

The comforters offered here are the same ones that our customers have ADORED since our 1988 debut.  Arrelle's award-winning showroom was always brimming with cascades of exquisite European Textiles for the Bed, Bath and Table, along with Couture for The Home and sensuous butter-soft luxuries begging to be touched. Discover us and Feel The Beauty

Arrelle comforters are all natural and feature a white fabric shell, or ticking. Our duvets are filled with different types of high-grade down, and a different number of ounces, to provide a range of warmth levels to satisfy every personal preference.

Our Heirloom Quality Comforters are designed to last at least 10 to 15 years with proper care. We recommend protecting your comforter with  a duvet cover to ensure longevity and extended enjoyment.

Experience the extraordinary, cloud-like warmth of our luxurious Arctic Slumber duvet which contains the highest number of ounces of down from our finest Siberian Goose down Comforter Collection.  Or, you may prefer our Year-Round model, or the gossamer lightness of our Siberian Summer weight. These comforters feature a high thread count Lyocell ticking instead of cotton.

Our Exclusive Large-Cluster Hungarian Goose down Collection represents what we consider the best value to provide comfort and longevity. These are the same comforters that we use on our beds at home and are designed to last a decade or more, properly protected from dust and dirt with a duvet cover.

We fully test and vet all our products and vendors before endorsing them. The Rosenberg family have been doing this since 1980

For those seeking a more affordable option, I am introducing a new Fashion Comforter called "The Ugly Duckling," brimming with White European Down.

It features the same baffle-box construction as the Argento, our  most popular comforter. Unlike our other comforters, this is a high grade 600 fill power duck down (not goose down) and has a heftier feel. It's  perfect for college dorms, guest rooms or for those seeking a less expensive option. The fabric uses a 280 thread count cotton fabric (instead of 330 thread count). It features lots of ounces with a weightier feel.  This comforter is widely available at nicer department stores and my pricing is competitive to provide the best value.

DESPITE ALL THIS, I will always recommend our White Large-Cluster Hungarian goose down for the best value. And if price is not an object, buy a Siberian goose down duvet. These duvets are ALL Heirloom quality and represent The Crème de lá Crème. And remember, if you use a duvet cover, no one really sees your comforter.

It's all about purchasing what is the best value for YOU and having comfort that endures.

Everyone sleeps differently.

It is our mission to help you craft your fine linen selection and your purchase to reflect your needs and taste. It's all about personal choice and what you prefer. 

My role is to provide you with the best information to help you decide.

And I am here to help you.

We have provided tutorials and FAQs about shopping for down and feather products, selecting sheets, pillows and comforters.

Find me at LisaLinenLady.blogspot.com where I answer questions such as:

What Does Thread count mean?


What is Giza Cotton?

My blog discusses strategies for decorating the Home, How to Use Layering, How to Entertain for Dinner, and more. I'm busy updating my information, but everything there still holds true as it concerns linens and home décor.

COMING SOON:  Exciting & Intriguing New Vegan Comforters & Pillows 

(Available now if you call.)  If you are looking for different COLORS, TEXTURES, PATTERNS, or are trying to locate furniture or are starting a large design project, please contact me, Lisa Terracina Rosenberg. (aka @Lisa1LinenLady and @Lisa1Flowers)

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Again thank you for your support.   Love you and thank you for reading to the end.