The Ugly Duckling Fashion Comforter: White 600 Fill Power European Down
The Ugly Duckling Fashion Comforter: White 600 Fill Power European Down

The Ugly Duckling Fashion Comforter: White 600 Fill Power European Down

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Arrelle's Ugly Duckling Fashion Comforter has all that important features that one finds in our most popular duvets.   

All Natural, Warmth with Heft! Generously filled!

People seeking a quality comforter at an affordable price adore this duvet.

Perfect for a college dorm or guest room. 

Casual Elegance & Cozy Comfort - it is actually quite beautiful. 

The Ugly Duckling has a similar number of ounces as our heaviest Hungarian Goosedown Duvet (The Crescendo) but is filled with a less expensive 600 Fill Power European DUCK Down - a denser 80% down/feather mixture.

The 280 thread count cotton ticking is breathable; and double-sewn around the perimeter to ensure a leak-proof comforter (versus the more expensive 330 thread count ticking used with our heirloom quality Hungarian Goosedown series.)

The 1" baffle-box construction is designed with 10" boxes similar to The Argento, our most popular comforter.  It also uses the same generous cut which will cover the sides of the bed.  The Baffle-Box construction design keeps the down lofted, snug and evenly distributed.  

The Ugly Duckling duvet requires only occasional fluffing and is low-maintenance.  

It doesn't require a plug and is 100% Green.  Protect the environment and conserve energy for warmth and protection from harsh winter winds. 

Sustainable Luxury.  Hypoallergenic.

Cruelty-free and responsibly manufactured. 

What is it like to sleep on a Bed of Roses?   Ask a DUCK.


Arrelle is here to provide you the quality products you desire at a great value.  Our products are tested under strict standards.

Arrelle believes in Truth in Labeling when it come to Down and Feather products. 

This product is DUCK DOWN, not goosedown and is made in China.  A 600 Fill Power down uses smaller cluster down particles and soft juvenile feathers.

That makes a big difference in price.

Our prices are competitive to what is available in the marketplace for the identical quality.  This comforter is widely available through department stores and eCommerce sites. where it is advertised as luxurious White European Down.  The value of a comforter is determined by the physical properties of the down, the quality of the sewing and the fabric, and labor of construction. 

What does the White European Down label mean?  It's a generic description, meaning that the attributes of the down conform to classified standards defined as: "White European Down."  Such are the labeling laws and regulations that create confusion in the bedding industry which we hope to clarify.

Make an informed decision when you buy Down and Feather products.  I rely on my vendors to verify that their products are authentic and ethically sourced.  Our sources are trusted suppliers with a 30 year history.

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