The Crescendo WINTER WARMTH:  750 FP Hungarian Goosedown Comforter
The Crescendo WINTER WARMTH:  750 FP Hungarian Goosedown Comforter

The Crescendo WINTER WARMTH: 750 FP Hungarian Goosedown Comforter

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The Crescendo exudes Warmth and Abundance. 

Experience the same luxury that one discovers at an elegant Swiss mountain chalet - snug in bed surrounded by Comfort.

Let it snow!

If you are seeking the highest level of warmth and a fuller-looking comforter, then you will love The Crescendo.

It features the same fabric shell and BaffleBox construction as the Argento but, with larger 13” squares to allow more room for the down to expand because, The Crescendo is brimming with 33% more ounces of White Large-Cluster 750 Fill Power Hungarian Goosedown. 

The fabric is a tightly-woven, 330 threadcount long-staple Egyptian cotton for maximum breathability. The double sewing around the perimeter, and fabric, insures a leak-proof duvet that will provide enjoyment for well over a decade.

The Crescendo provide All Natural Warmth.  It is simply luscious.

It requires no electricity and is 100% GREEN.  Stay toasty and protected under The Crescendo during a bone-chilling blizzard. The internal heat you generate during slumber is trapped, and more efficiently contained. The added volume incorporates more air in the complex microstructure of the down filaments, providing the ultimate insulation from the cold.

If you are cold at night you will love it - it is also 35% warmer!

The white, all natural, outer shell is generously sized to cover the sides of your mattress for an opulent look.  Extra down makes this duvet full and voluptuous but, it will still feel light as a cloud because it is - Lofty,

Expect at least a decade of enjoyment with our superior sewing and construction designed to keep the down in place for easy maintenance.  All that is needed is occasional fluffing.

Our down is The Best! 

If price is no object, then take a look at our 850 Fill Power Siberian Goosedown Comforters and Pillows.  For discriminating shoppers, Arrelle's exclusive Champagne Collection uses very highest grade of Large-Cluster Goosedown and a sustainable Lyocell ticking. You will pay a premium for Siberian, for it's superior LOFT and resiliency.

Rest assured, Arrelle's exclusive Hungarian Goosedown Comforters are heirloom quality duvets and have all the important features which will provide decades of enjoyment. Our down is of the highest purity. 

It's a personal choice. I use the Hungarian comforters in my home.

Fluff your comforter and watch The Crescendo billow and grow.

We recommend the use of a duvet cover for the greatest longevity.

Our goose down meets the highest standards, independently tested to be free of feather, dust and allergens. All of our products are responsibly crafted, cruelty-free and Hypoallergenic.